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/Indasina company inside PK competition in September had been ended successfully

Indasina company inside PK competition in September had been ended successfully

October 10, 2020

Indasina Group internal business PK competition had been finished in September end. After a month of careful preparation and numerous tests of business, two groups Domestic team and Overseas team had been successfully climbing the company's performance history to break the peak again and show their elegant appearance.


In this competition, both teams and sales fully embody the spirit of "to be the first to carry", try their biggest efforts to win themself and also don't forget Team-work. Every one's success may vary, but please believe, success requires every people who want to succeed to strive, to struggle, and each of the road to success, it is full of frustrations, only those who believe that their goal, continuous efforts, and constantly struggle, to achieve the final success, there are several colleagues in the circle of war "by leaps and bounds, day order full highest award, order quantity up to the highest award, best growth award prize, the completion rate, the highest prize in GP, etc.


"If good sales amount are achieved, I will let every employee have a red packet" is a promise made by Sales Manager in early September. Today, he fulfills his promise. Every colleague who received the red packet was very excited and happy.


Although September has passed, 2020 is not over yet, and there is only one season left. We will continue to make much better.

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